Like the beginning of most successful business stories, the birth of Rinwear Company started with a dream. In 2015, Subrin Groups dreamt of creating a world class garment company which would be grounded on the principle of excellence. Since then the company has flourished to become a name recognized and respected not only for the superior quality of its products, but also for its strong values.

To startup the initial business and for textile quality, Subrin Groups has tied up with Blois Garments of Germany, the well known brand in textile dealing goods to the clients inside Germany known for their quality products.

Our ability to learn continuously has given us the flexibility and the nimbleness that is required for growth in changing and challenging times. What was initially started as a shirt manufacturing company has now rapidly expanded to include women’s wear, maternity wear and kids’ wear. The company can today boast of an ever growing international client base for its entire range of products.

A critical pillar in supporting any organization is the team which forms its core. The company has always believed in nurturing and retaining top talent. Our employees are encouraged to participate actively in decision making which in turn ensures continuous learning. Today, we are proud to be backed by a team of proficient individuals who have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to perform effectively and efficiently.

Driven by the vision to excel, Rinwear Company has scaled great heights in the field of entrepreneurship. Committed to advancement, we continue to reinvent ourselves by meeting fresh challenges with innovative solutions. Standing firm on the foundation of goodwill and trust, we are now surging ahead by venturing into new avenues.


To be a leader in the global and Indian retail industry by increasing customer base and by offering valuable service through prompt delivery of quality products.


To earn customer loyalty by investing in people and systems there by providing them with competitively priced eco - friendly garments of premier quality which are delivered on time consistently.


We are an ISO 9001:2008, SA-8000 and Oeko tex standard certified company. We are determined to consistently improve our quality management systems by upgrading technology, capabilities and infrastructure. We continue to strive to provide superior products which are both eco-friendly and competitively priced to our customers.


The factory can produce up to 3, 00,000 garments per month. The infrastructure constitutes of multiple manufacturing units. Machinery is upgraded as per market standards.

Stitching is a crucial stage in the assembly of any garment. The company has its own extensive stitching facility which is helmed by a staff comprising of trained professionals such as Production Planners and Quality Assurance Managers.

The company has a vast capacity for finishing and packing of garments with facilities to provide ironed, hanger, stand pack, flat pack and crinkle packing.

The in-house laundry units are equipped with machinery and technicians to cater to various washes such as Softeners, Enzyme finishes, Stone wash, Aero wash and Golf ball wash. The washing technicians take extra care to ensure that the hand feel is maintained as per the client’s requirement.

The company has a vast capacity for finishing and packing of garments with facilities to provide ironed, hanger, stand pack, flat pack and crinkle packing.


Efficient effluent treatment plants are installed at all our garment manufacturing units.

Effluent Treatment Plants treat laundry waste water at each of the garment manufacturing units. This process effectively manages waste reduction.

 The resultant water provides low cost irrigation to the surrounding areas.


We have a vast and well organized sampling center which plays a crucial role in transforming design sketches to actual products. Equipped with specialized sewing machines, this unit can easily reproduce various designs according to international trends as specified by the design studio.


This department handles all CAD/CAM aided pattern making, grading and development as based on Lectra’s  CAD/CAM software and equipment. Patterns can also be transferred and received digitally from global buyers at this unit.


Fabric inspection is an important aspect followed prior to garment manufacturing to ensure that the fabric used is of the highest quality. Pattern pieces are laid and traced out on the fabric to be cut. Cutters guide electric cutting machines around the perimeter of pattern pieces, cutting through the fabric stack. Absolute precision is required during this stage of garment manufacture.



The company has 12 colour computerized placement printing machinery with globally approved colours and standards.


All the garment manufacturing units contain computerized multi head embroidery machines that enable us to meet all the demands of placement embroideries, badges and appliqués.


The Company has many kinds of specialized machinery for special techniques such as Smocking, Fagoting, and Pleating.


The company is staffed by more than 3000 employees. A dynamic team of professionals trained in merchandising play a pivotal role in co-coordinating between clients and factories. The fabric department is dedicated to source and supply fabrics and fabric designs required to reproduce international fashion trends. An efficient trim department helps in creating the right style for the garment by sourcing and developing accessories by tapping both domestic and international vendors. A strong team of professionals manages global logistics in order to meet every client’s requirement seamlessly.


The Design team offers creative solutions for every challenge, right from developing fabric cads or embroidery to the making of the end product. Keeping in mind each client’s requirement, the team prepares exclusive collections constantly.


We are in process to make an online shopping site where a person can purchase the product online dewaring on his/her needs.