RinMart is a one-stop supermarket chain that aims to offer customers a wide range of basic home and personal products under one roof. Each RinMart store stocks home utility products - including food, toiletries, beauty products, garments, kitchenware, bed and bath linen, home appliances and more - available at competitive prices that our customers appreciate. Our core objective is to offer customers good products at great value.

RinMart is an idea of Subham Sahu and its Business Family, Subrin Groups of Companies, to address the growing needs of the Indian family. At present we have worked to set up 120 locations across nations and still moving on as per our business module under franchise or self owned. With our mission to be the lowest priced retailer in the regions we operate, our business continues to grow with new locations planned in more cities.

The supermarket chain of RinMart stores is owned and operated by Subrin Groups of Companies. The company has its headquarters in Bangalore.



RinMart is owned and operated by Subrin Groups of Companies – a company founded by Mr. Subham Sahu. He has built a company that constantly strives towards developing a deep understanding of customer needs and satisfying them with the right products. A firm believer in core business fundamentals and strong ethical values, Mr. Sahu has built RinMart into an efficient, large and profitable retail chain that is highly respected by customers, partners and employees alike. The Major Financer in these projects is Reliance and Kalv Groups.




At RinMart, we place strong emphasis on excellence in customer service. Our employees rely on the ACT formula to get the job done, with Dedication and Determination.








Focus: To be focused about what we do.


Motivated: To be clear of achieving our goal.


Enthusiastic: To love what we do.




Respect: To respect every individual in the organization and provide her/him with the dignity and attention to make her/him believe that she/he makes a difference to the organization.


Listen: To listen and resolve any employee / customer grievance quickly and solve their queries.


3.TRUTH :-


Integrity: By being open, honest and fair in all our relationships and being respectful and trustful to others.





We are working in all categories needed in daily life. Currently we are working on



2.Grains and Pulses

3.Dairy Products


5.Curtains and Sofa Covers

6.Daily Essential

7.Home and Personal Cares

8.Subrin Groups Products


Here too RinMart has formed the business membership scheme to elevate the business growing in competition. RinMart will launched a special card membership which will make your product free home delivery within a time limit.





Quickest check outs to save your precious time wider aisles for easier and faster navigation


The largest range of products across food home and everyday fashion. Everything you need every day under one roof.


Direct from farm, fresh fruits & vegetables and perishables everyday Fresh everyday fashion & innovative home products every time you visit.


Warm and friendly service that will touch your heart. Personalized billing & shopping assistance and where when you need it.


Fabulous new offers and big deals that will surprise you Best prices every day that keep your pocket & savings in mind.