RinKalv Groups

Our mission and corporate philosophy since Rinkalv Developers establishment after 2016, has always been to expand the envelope and reach the highest levels of quality delivery and customer satisfaction in our group's businesses of residential development, hospitality, infra-projects construction and retail.

Rinkalv Developers has earned a name, even among its peers, for quality construction, superior specifications and punctual delivery. Since 2016, starting with the progenitor Artis Associates, our group has fostered a culture of continuous improvement of its product. Construction guarantees, conforming to accepted codes of practice, are incorporated in the contracts signed with clients.

Rinkalv homes will be always delivered on time and represent excellent value for money.

Rinkalv Group being formed on March 2016 by venturing with a firm named “Kalvs Groups” by Prem Patel. The Company was named to keep in the mind to aim to touch the sky while being firmly grounded on solid foundation. The main objective to bring the various companies of Rinkalv Group is to utilize our executive partners’ extremely vast and diversified experience and to undertake and execute civil engineering projects of any nature and sizes to be complete within the stipulated time frame and maintaining the highest standard of quality.

Rinkalv Groups is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization


As contractors, we can be aptly placed to execute the following types of projects of any sizes to be completed in the stipulated time frame:

·Hotel, Hospital & School Buildings.

·Commercial & Residential Buildings.

·Industrial Complex.

·Infrastructural Development works.

Rinkalv group is renowned for providing sustainable bespoke solutions in the construction arena. Our specialization spans across all the gamut of construction industry. Blending technology with innovative designs, our construction philosophy encompasses social and environmental commitment in addition to the financial viability.

Sound expertise, experience and strong ethics, makes us the “GO TO” company for all your construction needs. Our extensive experience includes working as hospital construction contractors, school construction companies, industrial construction companies and infrastructure construction companies… We’ve earned high repute in hotel construction and commercial construction.

Timely execution of the project and transparency has made us take giant leaps in this industry.
We Believe Excellence have no Limit.




The healthcare business and landscape is ever-changing and has its own set of challenges and demands and at Rinkalv Group, we understand these very basic needs of our healthcare clients. That’s precisely why we just don’t focus on erecting buildings in the name of constructing hospitals & healthcare departments. Rather, we go a step ahead towards designing and constructing hospitals that are truly capable of reliving the patients and improve their lives for the better. As a highly reputed hospital construction company, we know and understand our job pretty well. We are India’s leading hospital construction contractors and use our extensive knowledge, skills and experience to design & build modern and futuristic hospitals for our clients.


Every day hundreds and thousands of patients are treated at a healthcare facility. Hence, it is impertinent that hospital authorities and owners construct highly sophisticated and state of the art hospitals for their patients. At Rinkalv Group, we are willing to go past every hurdle to construct the ideal hospitals & healthcare facilities for our clients across the country.

Our clients regard us as one of the best hospital construction companies in the business, simply because we are highly reliable and easily dependable. Each day, we focus on developing hospitals that are world-class and feature best of the facilities. We construct modern hospital infrastructures featuring best of the facilities and amenities.


As the premier hospital construction company, Rinkalv group focuses on creating effective master plans and fine architectures. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers design as well as plan each and every medical unit to ensure that each of the departments is well coordinated. Our designing & development engineers are aware of the latest healthcare technologies and construction methods, which enables them to build strong and remarkable hospitals & healthcare units. Our years of experience and knowledge regarding hospital construction services enable us to create different models and set higher standards for our clients. Our proven methods and models aid our clients in saving time and acquiring unique hospital infrastructures at reduced costs.


Our engineering concepts & designs are ideal for creating diagnostic centers, hospitals, medical facilities, clinics as well as medical centers. The team at Rinkalv group is highly experienced and qualified when it comes to carrying out civil & construction work. We offer a wide variety of hospital construction services & solutions including electrical work, ventilation, air-conditioning and heating jobs, plumbing and sanitation work, fire-fighting and project planning work etc.

At Rinkalv group, we are deeply concerned with the problems and issues of our clients! This is exactly why we approach every project in a different manner and use flexible and creative methods to complete projects within stipulated budgets and time period. Through our flexible, accountable and unique approach, we meet our client’s demands exactly the way they desire.


As the leading and highly experienced hotel construction company, we understand the construction business like no one else! We have handled numerous projects and our extensive knowledge and understanding of the hotel construction industry aids us in building beautiful as well as state of the art hotels for our clients. We combine our labor management skills with in-depth project development expertise to build luxury resorts and grand hotels featuring best of the amenities and facilities.


As one of India’s premier hotel construction companies, we use advanced construction & building technologies for handling every project differently. We are capable of tackling tough jobs, tight schedules and our dedication is clearly visible in the hotels constructed by us.

Here are a couple of other reasons to rely on our planning & services:

·We use advanced tools & technology to design elegant and efficient hotels for our clients.

·Our team is capable of handling all types of hotel construction projects.

·We’ve built diverse hotels, hospitality centers and resorts in the past couple of years.

·We are highly committed to offering high-quality services and solutions.

·Our hotel construction specialists understand the requirements of users.

·We believe in offering 100% customer satisfaction.

·We emphasize on building long-term relationships with our clients.

·Rinkalv group is also an expert at offering hotel renovation services.


We offer a gamut of hotel designing & construction services to aid our clients in building the perfect hotels for their guests and customers. Right from finishing work to laying marble floors as well as painting the walls, we are capable of handling projects from start to finish. We deploy the best manpower for finishing all kinds of hotel construction jobs such as fixing of windows, doors and floors, creating dry partition and false ceiling, Palco work as well as screeding jobs.

Whether you want us to handle the plaster and masonry work or even if would prefer that we look after the casting job, the construction experts at Rinkalv group are well capable of managing all types of construction jobs including electrical, plumbing and HVAC work, insulation and waterproofing jobs, human resource management & deployment work etc.

Right from taking the right decisions on behalf of our clients to planning & executing them well, at Rinkalv we understand the hotel projects inside out and design the best models for hotel owners. We have garnered the reputation of earning and handling some of the most complex and daunting tasks as well as projects. We believe in fostering unique ideas and innovation by embracing advanced technologies. We want our clients to own unique and enticing hotel properties!



Contemporary in thinking and design, Rinkalv has grown brick by brick while making many happy homes along the way. The team at Rinkalv world is constantly working towards creating memorable projects complete with 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK flats in Bangalore.

Adding a zing of glamour and style to the city’s skyline, the group has not just built iconic structures but has also looked after the comfort and needs of its residents. This has gone a long way in building a strong reputation and goodwill amongst the discerning buyers and real estate agents in Bangalore and other cities in India.



Rinkalv balances simplicity and opulence across all its spaces by creating an environment that appeals to the senses, imagination and lifestyle of our customers across diverse segments. Additionally, giving equal importance to initiatives that are aimed to create better living conditions for the lesser-privileged sections of society.