Rinham Products

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Rinham is founded by Mr. Subham Sahu in the year 2016 with the vision to provide every Indian household affordable and high quality incense. One of the upcoming Agarbatti and perfume brands in India; Rinham is always at the frontiers of innovation and creation of splendid smelling.

Rinham Current Products:



Rinham Products is upcoming with following products in year 2017 after partnering with Fragrance and Flavors Co. Pvt. Ltd.

·Air fresheners

·After-shave lotions



·Creams & Lotions

·Detergents & Fabric Softeners

·Deodorants & Anti-Perspirants.

·Styling aids

·Household products

·Industrial cleaners

·Make-up products


·Shower gels & Bath products

·Shampoos & Conditioners


·Spa products

·Talcum powder


With a wide array of scents that are each unique and distinct, the brand currently offers more than 54 choices of fragrances, with exclusive floral, herbal, oriental, woody, fruity and cosmetic undertones. Our range of “Rinham” agarbattis such as Champa, Rajanigandha, Mogra, Gulab, Chandan and others have captured the imagination of millions of Indian users and our foray into the international market through countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mauritius, etc. has been a huge success.

Multi-functional and diverse, these sticks can be used during prayers, yoga, and meditation and for making your environment pleasant and aromatic. The packaging is done with great care and keeping in mind the needs of different sections of users. The regular, economy, square, hexagon, jumbo and pouch packaging meet the demands of our diverse clientele which is growing by leaps and bounds.

Leading incense sticks manufacturer and exporters in India, Rinham supplies its products to prominent MTO’s such as Reliance, Smart, Food World, Nilgiris, Heritage, Food Express, Auchan Spar and others. Realizing the importance of engaging in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, the company generates significant employment opportunities to improve the economic condition of the weaker sections of the society.

Since its inception in 2016, Rinham Agarbatti is working on to become leading name in the incense stick industry. The wholesale incense sticks manufacturers in India, are based inBangaloreand provide high quality, affordable, fragrant agarbattis to their ever growing users. Offering more than 54 types of fragrances in fruity, herbal, floral, oriental, cosmetic, woody undertones, you can pick from an array of choices such asChampa, Rajanigandha, Mogra, Gulab, Chandan, Kasturi etc. Original, distinct, aromatic and natural, Rinham Agarbattis provide a unique and splendid experience to the users every time they are lit.

The bulk incense sticks manufacturers in Bangalore (India) have two state of the art manufacturing units in Bangalore. Replete with modern facilities and innovative technology, these units stretch over an extensive area of 50000 square units. The two factories are located in-

  • J. C. Industrial Estate
  • Yelachenahalli

Run by an experienced, efficient and highly dedicated staff, the mentionednatural Incense sticks manufacturingfacilities have areas specially demarcated for numerous operations such as compound preparation, sorting, packaging, storage area for packing materials, storage area for finished goods, Research and Development, Quality Control Lab, etc.

A rigorous procedure is undertaken for the manufacturing of every Rinham Agarbatti. A stick of bamboo is first glazed with an assortment of fragrant constituents. This is done manually through the technique of hand rolling which is followed by the introduction of aromatic oil. To help you understand better, here is a step by step explanation of the same-

  • Evenly rolled sticks are selected and bundled together.
  • These are then dipped into pure, natural, world class perfumes.
  • For example- Rose incense sticks are dipped in rose scent; agarbattis with a lavender tone are dipped in lavender fragrance, etc.
  • These are then packaged beautifully and sent across to cater the needs of every customer.

The impressive production unit is spread over a massive area of50000 sq. units. The 2 factories, 10 companies owned distribution centers, 600 stock distribution centers and the able leadership of the two pioneers have enabled Rinham Agarbatti to carve a niche for itself and be a name of great repute and respect in the industry.


We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of various kinds of natural Perfumes. However, we are coming as reliable men’s perfumes manufacturers and exporters from India. Our mesmerizing collection of ladies perfumes is meant to those women who want to rule others. Its impressive quality and mesmerizing aroma garner attention everyone who smell it! One can also obtain our hottest ranges of perfumes in attractive bottles which are colorful as well.

Fragrant Perfumes that we offer are prepared using the finest quality ingredients and appreciated for their intense fragrances. Our Fragrant Perfumes are hypoallergenic and available in diverse fragrances for buyer’s preference. If you are in a quest to buy most rocking varieties of perfumes, then you have landed up at the right place. We are a highly sought after General Perfume manufacturer in India. We present a largest range of common perfume and general organic perfume in number of breathtaking aromas.


Creativity is our soul. It is the guiding light behind all our fragrant endeavors. We use our understanding of different fragrances and create a magical pallet of enticing aromas for our clients to relish. Adding creative magic to our products is aimed to not only delight our clients with great aromas, but also add value to their business by giving them a definitive and distinctive smell.

The three key ingredients of our creative magic are:

·Proportion:   Which is the right balance between ingredients to produce sustainable  fragrances?

·Accuracy:   Which defines the meticulousness of our creativity to produce versatile aromas?

·Passion:   Which adds zest, power and enticing enchantment to our fragrances.

Together, our creative magic is the backbone of our company’s portfolio and the secret behind the satisfaction of our clients.