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Subrin Groups of Companies (SGC) is an Indian conglomerate holding company headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Subrin owns businesses across India and is engaged majorly in Insurance, Tourism's, Entertainments, FMGC, Retail, and Telecommunications. Subrin is also been nominated under India’s Fastest growing company in year 2016. Started in the year 2015 March 28, in Mumbai as an Event Management Company by Subham Pitambar Sahu, this company has tremendously achieved many milestones and reached the height of another success in Business of India. This company is now one of the India’s finest businesses in terms of Quality services and Quality Businesses.


Subrin Groups of Companies was started as an event management based business in year 2015, March 28 by Subham Sahu in process to set up the empire of Business. The hard work and dedication towards the business by each and every member associated with the Subrin Groups has set the remarkable mark in bench of business and we have successfully achieved to bring this business reach on another height. Often heard that hard work and true dedication never goes in vain and here is the live example of this proverb. Currently Company is having 18 Sub-associate businesses running under the Brand of Subrin, out of them, 7 Companies have formed in ventured and partnered while 2 company is been acquired by Subrin Groups to come into that business.

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